Here are some frequently asked questions and the answers. If you have a question and would like to speak to someone, do not hesitate to contact us at:

tel: 516-569-3370



How Do I get more information?

To get more information please call or email the camp office and if you want, you can set up an appointment to take a tour of the camp during the summer.
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What if my child gets sick or injured?

We have a full-time nursing staff as well as a camp doctor. Most illnesses and injuries can be treated in camp.

What can I do for my child’s birthday?

We are a peanut free and kosher camp, so as long as you abide by those rules, we are okay with you bringing in whatever you would like.

How do you make up the bunks?

We go according to your requests that you fill out on the questionnaire sheet. We guarantee at least one request.

What is the weather like?

It varies. From hot to cold, sunny to cloudy, wet to dry.
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Where are the campers from?

Most of the campers are from the Five Towns, Oceanside, Atlantic Beach, Long Beach, and other areas of Long Island